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Building Your Team


Having a strong team to go along with you on this journey is much more fun, allows you to reach and help way more people and will build your income much faster. Here are the 3 simple steps to building your very own team, you can find the detailed instructions in the drop down menus:


Step 1: Prospect Meeting


This meeting is designed to help you successfully share our product and business with a friend, family member or aquaintence who has either asked for more information about Juice Plus or who has agreed to help you out by giving you feedback on your new venture.

- You will share a product video (use your cell phone to play it and select the video that you think is a good fit for this particular person)

- You will then share a video that explains how the business works

- Followed by a video about the business (again choose a video that is a good fit for this particular person)  

- Close the meeting with the scale of 1-10

*When you are new these meetings should be done with your sponsor.

** Videos and instructions found in the Prosect Meeting Tab


Step 2: Start Up Meeting A (New Reps)


 Although it is ideal to do this meeting in person with your new distributor; this meeting is also efectively done over the phone. Find Steps 1-10 of Start Up Meeting A in the drop down menu on this page and read directly from them to start your new team member. Show them that you are reading from the website so that they know how easy it is when the time comes for them to start their own new rep, encourage your rep to set goals and timelines on the tasks that are assigned in this meeting.


Step 3: Start Up Meeting B (VF and Up)


 This meeting has some more in depth information and is best used after your rep has been promoted to VF or after they have expressed and interest in learning more. Here you will find a great explanation of the Marketing Plan.


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