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Customer Care


Listen to this Audio on the Care Funnel: 


Email this Welcome Letter and this Detoxification Letter to all new Customers


Skyrocket your business by keeping your customers happy, along-side finding new ones!​

All care is good care!

  • Voxer, social media,text, email

  • In the first two weeks, contact every other day

  • Ask them if they know anyone who would like to see the same benefits that they have been noticing. Share the family plan with them (sign up as a rep to cover the cost of your product)

  • If they would like to proceed as a customer, be sure to touch base every couple of weeks throughout the first four months on the product

  • Complete the Juice Plus+® Effect Survey with them at the 90 day mark and confirm that they are ready to receive a new box of product on their set ship date (found on the preferred customer genealogy report)

  • After they have received their second box check in once per month

  • Click the image below to view a video regarding the Mission Driven System that can help you to bring a customer, through to a raving fan and finally into a member of your team!

The Mission Driven System

Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World


Live the mission

Share your journey

Create a JP+ Raving Fan

Guide New Team Member

Invite Customer to Join our Mission

Create a JP+ Raving Fan

Engage your Customer

Live the Mission

Inspire Healthy Living Around the World

Share your Journey

Inspire One Simple Change

Know Your Customer




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