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Your Next Steps - VF and Up



Please read directly from these 10 steps:


1.  Virtual Office - Show them how to Delay, Expedite and Submit any Order. How to print reports (see virtual office tutorial video).


2.  Next Step VFQ, watch the video

and listen this call
















3.  Review DD-VF 500-2000pts and show them how to check on their team progress (downline and pv report - promo points). 


4. Explain Club Levels - PB and relation to monthly earnings (ie 3 Club $500, 6 Club $1200, 12 Club $3000,           24 Club $5000, 39 Club $10000).

5. Marketing Plan - Explain & Goal Set (DD, VF, SC, SSC, QNMD, NMD) ~






6. Share the Products Properly and Social Media Basics (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Voxer).

7. Check the List (20-30 Names) have them text or private message the people who have not yet been contacted.


8.  Set another facebook party and schedule in some prospect meetings that you can be at either in person or over the phone.

9.  Purchase and send them an audio copy of:

         - Go Pro - & Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional (Eric Worre).


10. Ask them to create a Vision Board as their task, show yours. Pic Collage works Great, 24 hours to complete.


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