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Prospect Meeting


After your friend has agreed to take a look at what you have started doing or they have asked for more information, this is your meeting format...


1.  Play one of the following product videos, use ear buds if you are in a noisy location:


                 The Next Best Thing                                          3 Doors to Health                             How Juice Plus is Made-John Blair

It's Your Life Make it Complete

A Complete Solution

Convenient and Simple

Ask them what they liked best, get them excited about the product.


 2.  Make a clear transistion into speaking about the business, share your story and then play this video:

• Take away objections (pyramid, too busy, dislike sales).
• Show the 2000 points.
• Power of numbers 2 vs 5.

How Does the Business Work?

 3.  Lastly, play one of the following business videos:

What If?

Juice Plus in One Word

It's This Easy


Gen Y Shopping

Changing Lives

Gen Y Party

4.  On a scale of 1-10; 1 being, no interest and all and 10 being, ready to get started, where are you? What would it take to get your number higher? (Allow them to share with you where their hesitations are.)


 5. Make the next step:

    a)  If they are ready to sign up (anything above an 8) book an appointment for Start Up Meeting A and introduce them to your closest National Marketing Director in a text or Facebook private message thread.


    b)  If they require more information offer to send it (video link, facebook party, brochure) and book a follow up call or meeting to get their feedback.


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