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Step 2 - Start Up Meeting A (New Rep)


NMD sends this Welcome Letter:
Hi ______!!!! Welcome to the family, I'm so excited for you and what a great decision you've made! If you need anything please let us know, _______ is a rock star and she'll take great care of you. Make sure to have a start up call with her as soon as possible so you have all the tools. 💗

If you ever need anything please feel free to ask, I wanted to share my Journey to a Juice Plus NMD (even though I didn't really want to do much in the beginning) with you so you can get to know me a bit:

(insert your flipagram link)

Also here's a little video about what's possible in your first 4 months of your very own business, it's totally do-able and fun too:

Watching these before your start up meeting will be super helpful. Our team is so supportive and we're all really passionate about sharing/educating and not selling anything. Wishing you abundance and success for all your biz goals, can't wait to meet you!!


Please read directly from these 10 steps:


1.  Set Distributor Expectations:

  • I'm proud of you for taking control of your life. I'm so excited for your future.  You've made a great decision for you and your family.

  • I want you to know that there is so much support and guidance in our team, we will be here for you until you feel confident and beyond but of course we can't do it for you. So on that note it's exciting to point out that when you suceed with your business it will be as a result of your own efforts not mine, on the other hand if you don't that will also be related to your efforts.

  • My job is to help you gain confience and become independent as quickly as possible, do you agree that this is a good goal.

  • There will certainly be good times and bad times, I'll know you're in one of the bad times when I don't hear from you regularly,  excuses, not on calls. It happens with everyone, even me. When it happens with you, how would you like me to handle that? Leave you alone or be persistent and remind you why you made this decision in the first place?


2.  Sponsor Submits Online Distributor App and New Rep Enters Their Own Order (show them the "Virtual Office Tutorials" tab on this website)


3.  Explain VF 2000pts and the power of 2 vs. 5 (or play video below)



4.  Goal Set VF, VFQ and SC and listen to them.

5.  Create a list of 10 names, ask your new distributor to text the 10 people now and ask if they would mind having coffee or reviewing a short video to give their opinion of the friends new business (set the coffee or follow up call). You can have them do this right in the meeting or set a deadline to be completed and check in with them.


6.  Commit to the next training event. Book all the upcoming events into their calendar including Start Up Meeting B following their first 30 days.


7.  Book their first 2 launch parties, one in home event and one facebook party. These should be completed in their first 30 days.


8.  Have them download Voxer.  Invite and welcome them to the Team Perseverance Juice Plus team Facebook page.


9.  Send them the Welcome Email, Detoxification Letter, and the list of Team Persevereance Monday Night Training Calls.


10.  Give them Homework:  Ask them to complete a prospect list of 20-30 names (use facebook and cell phone contacts) and review, Complete within a week.


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